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September 24, 2008
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:Big Brother, Little Sister: by kimbostar :Big Brother, Little Sister: by kimbostar
Crash and Coco Bandicoot (c) Universal Studios. Image (c) Kimberly C.

He wanted to ball his fists into his fiery hair and scream, but instead, he buttoned his lip and turned his heavy glare to the ceiling; deep down, Crash knew that his younger sister hadn’t meant any harm through the deed she had done, but he couldn’t help the anger that rose within him. The relic missing from his bedroom wall which now rested in a trash bin coffin, after all, was dear to him. It reminded him of his days of heroism, when danger was his high, and the world was in need of an orange vigilante to save them once more. It caught Crash’s confident grin every time he had walked by it, and a slowly closing chapter of his life would be reopened once more…

‘Guess I’m gonna have to find a new reminder’, He mused to himself, huffing in irritation as he recalled his sister’s skeptic tone when he had confronted her with the missing artifact. It had took some time, but she had eventually confessed to breaking it while cleaning the day before. After that, everything seemed to become vaguer, as if sections of his memory refused to be replayed. Crash knew that he hadn’t done anything drastic, instead stomping off to his room to marvel at the naked void on his wall, but he still felt bitter over it. And though he felt the anger in the pit of his gut, he also felt remorseful; maybe he shouldn’t have been that mean to Coco. She did tell him the truth about the item’s whereabouts, even though it has been a somewhat prolonged process…

And, it was, after all, just a dumb object. Something that could be replaced with a little time and patience.

At that moment, he lifted himself from his bed, swinging his feet to its plush sides to feel the wooden floors against his flesh. “That’s what I’ll do,” He muttered softly, a small grin pushing against his cheeks as he got to his feet. Striding his way to his bedroom door, he felt a wave of shame fall over him, and he paused mid-reach towards the knob. ‘Maybe I should swing by Coco’s room first. An apology is the least that I could do.’

With a brighter smile against his face, he took the brass within his hand and turned it to his whim. Pulling the door open, he took a step out…

Only to find a bundle of cloth at his feet. Crash stopped once more, tilting his head at the large item concealed before him, before bringing it back into his room. Heaving the heavy object onto his bed, he once more glanced puzzlingly at the surprise. Then, a small card pinned against the fabric caught his eye, and he pulled it from its bounds. He read each word aloud before staring once more towards his bed, “Hope that this can make up for what I did yesterday. -Coco.”

Curiosity taking over, his hands pulled at the wraps, and what his eyes caught hold of brought to them a glimmer, as well as an over pleased smile to his lips.

A platinum relic; his sister had found him a relic that far succeeded the one he previously had by ten fold. It shimmered brightly, even without the fact that there was seldom light within the tiny room, and he struggled to lift the artifact to place it where his old one had been.


Coco found herself pacing the floors again, though she knew better than to do so. Doing such a thing didn’t get you anywhere but back where you began. But, she couldn’t help herself; worry had consumed her little by little, until it left only a few of her nerves left. ‘Crash shouldn’t be mad for too long; he’ll be back to normal soon…”


That question rung loudly in her mind, and it almost made her want to cry. She had made Crash angry before, and he usually had discarded the feeling for a more cheerful and forgiving substitute. But today had been different. Her brother hadn’t forgiven her for breaking his prized possession. He hadn’t even said another word to her since she had confessed to being the culprit of its disappearance.

Maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t going to forgive her this time?

That thought terrified Coco, and brought a quake to her knees. She had always been close to her brother, and though the two often had normal squabbles like every other sibling, they had always found it easy to forgive and forget. ‘Then again, I had never broken something that dear to him before.’ She mentally reminded herself of her actions, and stopped her pacing to ponder softly to herself. “What if, what if Crash doesn’t accept my peace offering? What if he doesn’t forgive me for what I did?”

It was then that she flinched at the arms that formed around her shoulders, hearing a mellow voice in her ear as she was lifted playfully into his grasp; “I forgive you…”


Yea, this is the best story line that I could think of to match this rather lame pic. No background this time guys, cause I simply realized that I. Can't. Draw. Them. lol.

Again, NOT meant to be Lemon, but consider it as you would like. I'm not for raining on anyone's parades, man.

Enjoy this simplicity.
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Aww, Coco Bandicoot is such a Beautiful Blue Jeans Girl! :heart::heart::huggle::heart::heart:
I love her. :heart::floating::heart:
And I am glad that her brother Crash forgave her.
She is such a Cutie. :heart::floating::heart:
Who could not forgive such a Sweet Girl?
Coco Bandicoot is much more important than any stupid relict!

By the way:

I :heart:LOVE:heart: this picture! :rose:
It is very lovely, sweet and peaceful. :heart::heart::heart:

Please keep up the very amazing good work! :clap::clap:
^_^ wow, thank you! 
You are very welcome. :aww:
Good luck for you and your future works, they are really beautiful and cool. :thumbsup:8-)
Noxonius Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
That's really nice!
Chrismilesprower Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Awwwwwww Sibling love. It's that just sweet. Makes me wanna hug my little/older sister.
Sharpy-loves-you Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
XCherishedMemoriesX Dec 2, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
This is so Cute and I LOVED the background story. <3
a toast to the brother and sister.
great job
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